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chairman statement

In a little over a decade, China Tianrui Group Cement Company Limited has become a leading cement and clinker producer in Henan and Liaoning provinces. A big part of our rapid rise is our uncompromising commitment to sustainably producing high-quality clinker and cement. Through strengthening our current leading market position in Henan and Liaoning provinces and continuous expanding and exploring new markets, we are confident that we will one day be the leading clinker and cement provider in China.

To achieve this lofty target, we are focusing on a series of business strategies, starting with the strengthening of our leading market position in Henan through both organic growth and selective acquisitions, leveraging government support in the process. We also plan to follow this two-pronged approach to expand our market presence in Liaoning. Meanwhile, we will make an immediate impact whenever we enter a new, high-potential market, like the current construction of the cement grinding facility in Tianjin, which will have an annual production capacity of 4 million tonnes.

In addition, our strategies aim to optimize our business to further facilitate our growth. We will raise our production efficiency while reducing production costs through, among others, bulk-purchasing raw materials, optimizing our clinker production for our cement production, and continuing to invest in research and development that ultimately helps the environment. Part of this investment will go towards developing new cement products and raw materials that enhance our competitiveness. At the same time, we will continue to ensure that our ¡°ÌìÈð TIANRUI¡± brand exemplifies quality while raising its awareness through smart marketing moves.

By pursuing the diligent implementation of these well-thought-out strategies, we are confident about continuing our growth to the benefit of our shareholders, employees and country.

Li Liufa
November 2011

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